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Easter Eggs are here (26/3/2021)
Good news: Easter Eggs, Robinsons Squash, and a smaller selection of Beers and Ciders are now back in stock!
Bad news: Unfortunately the Hot Cross Buns, Scones and Clotted cream that were due to arrive Friday, were not available. We are hoping this will he resolved, and they will be in stock next Friday, we will post once they arrive 😀
Regular Deliveries! (22/3/2021)
We are now getting regular deliveries arriving throughout the week, with the main delivery of fresh & chilled products arriving every Friday afternoon (just in time for the weekend!).
We are continually working to increase our range back to normality, and we are sourcing more products every week!
Here is what is coming in this week:
-Scones (ETA Friday)
-Clotted Cream (ETA Friday)
-Hot Cross Buns (ETA Friday)
-Easter Eggs (ETA Wednesday)
-Beers and Ciders, a smaller range than before, but we are working to increase! (ETA Saturday)
See you in store soon!
Second delivery from Ireland (12/3/2021)
Both stores are now starting to fill up, which is great to see, freezers are well stocked and a good amount dry goods are back in stock, including many new and exciting products! HOWEVER, we are working very hard on continuing to bring our full range back.
We were due 2 deliveries from Ireland this week, one on the 12/3/21, and another on the 13/3/21, both including chilled and frozen; unfortunately these have been delayed due to the bad weather, we are not sure when they will arrive, but it will most likely be the 15th or 16th.


We will update you when we have more information.

So bear with us whilst we weather this storm (quite literally!)

GREAT NEWS! (6/3/2021)

We have now received 2 full trucks from Ireland (within the space of 30 minutes!)
The majority of the goods are products that you all know and love, and many new products for you to try, including the SuperValu range that comes highly recommended from Ireland!
We are still working hard over the weekend to get all the goods to shelves, so bear with us whilst we do this.
Now we have regular deliveries coming in supplying the majority of the areas in stores, we can now start focusing on increasing product ranges that are still lacking. So watch this space!
See you in stores soon 😀

Our First main delivery has arrived! (3/3/2021)

We have now received our first full truck from Ireland, don’t worry it is full of all the brands that you know and love! 
This means that we now have over 1000 of your favorite lines back in stock, and this will be a regular delivery. We are now planning to receive two trucks from Ireland every week.
These trucks will include, chilled, frozen and dry goods!
Our first truck of Frozen will arrive 5/3/2021
We are still not able to guarantee when stocks from the UK will start to arrive.
See you in stores soon! 
Our stores are reopening tomorrow, Friday 26th of February,  here is what’s been restocked at both stores so far:
-Sausages & Bacon, have you tried this new range yet? let us know what you think in the comments
-Snowdonia Cheese, full range of 200g waxed truckles
-Tea, PG tips 240’s & Yorkshire Tea 160’s
-American goodies, including lots of new products!
Here is what we are due to receive tomorrow:
-Tiptree Jam & marmalade
-Coolmore cakes
-BRAND NEW range of Cheddar Cheese! Over 25 new products!
-A large delivery of biscuits, including all your favorite types of Digestives 🙂
As stock arrives and is ready for sale we will continue to post regular updates, so you guys can see what we have available.
Please note this is not our main delivery, when this arrives you will be updated 😀
Stock levels are still very low, but larger deliveries from Ireland are arriving next week 😁


We have still not received any deliveries from the UK, and our UK delivery is currently held at customs.
Furthermore, due to bad weather conditions in Ireland, our Irish order was not able to be loaded on the boat when it should of been, and will now be shipped on the next available boat.
As a result of this BOTH stores will now be closing tonight (17/2/21) at 7pm, and they will reopen next Friday (26/2/21) at 10am.
Having the stores closed until Friday will allow our staff to get any incoming stock out and the stores looking good ready for 10am on Friday.
We apologies for the inconvenience, and hope to see you in stores very soon!
Brexit impact v1.4 12/2/2021 – GOOD NEWS:
– Our infamous delivery of dry goods (chilled and frozen will be dispatched separately, more updates later) has now been collected from the UK, and is in transit!
– We can’t confirm when it will arrive at our stores, it has to clear customs before we announce the arrival date.
– A delivery from Ireland is also in transit and will arrive next week
– We are working with several cheese companies, large orders have been placed, and we are waiting for a delivery update
– Until these deliveries (listed above) arrive our stores are still VERY low on stock, as a result the Everberg store will be closed this Sunday.
Opening Hours:
-Saturday 13th February, both stores open 10-7pm
-Sunday 14th February, both stores closed
-Monday 15th February, S-G-Rode store open 10-7pm, Everberg closed
-Tuesday 16th February, both stores open 10-7pm
-Then shopping hours back to normal
We wish all our customers a happy weekend, and see you later on next week!
Once again Thank-you for your patience in these unprecedented times, as soon as we have more updates, we will post again
Brexit impact v1.4 9/2/2021
1) Both stores have now reopened, shopping hours as normal
2) We have received a HUGE supply of Fresh Sausages and Bacon, all suitable for home freezing (or just leave it outside, its cold enough today🥶)
3) More deliveries are inbound this week, however we cannot confirm the arrival until everything has cleared customs. We will post every time a delivery arrives 😀
4) You might have caught us on BBC breakfast this morning, we are here trying to demonstrate what Brexit is doing to expat communities (and others!) here in Europe. It’s now being labeled as #custardcreamgate
5) There will be more media coverage this week, including Sky News!
Brexit impact v1.3 6/2/2021 -STORES CLOSE FOR THE WEEKEND
So today marks the first time in 39 years that Stonemanor will close its doors, due to stock related issues. It has been a challenging start to 2021.
Nevertheless next week is looking brighter, with 5 different deliveries inbound, shelves will once again begin to fill up. Our first delivery is going to arrive first thing Monday morning… SAUSAGES AND BACON! As other deliveries arrive we will post separate updates!
Please be reassured that this weekends closure it only TEMPORARY!
-Monday the 8th the Sint-Genesius-Rode opens at 10am
-Tuesday the 9th the Everberg opens at 10am
Once again Thank-you for your patience in these unprecedented times, as soon as we have more updates, we will post again
Brexit impact v1.2 2/2/2021
1. No news is normally good news, but in this case it is not good news, we still can not confirm when our outstanding delivery is due.
2. We have since explored other means to increase supply, and have more goods expecting to be dispatched from other sources in the coming weeks.
3. We will have these fresh items in stores next week:
a) Fresh Pork Sausages
b) Fresh Back Bacon (smoked & unsmoked)
c) Fresh Streaky Bacon (smoked & unsmoked)
d) Fresh Black pudding
e) Fresh White pudding
These goodies are sourced from a butcher in Ireland and are expected to arrive on the 9th of February. These will be fresh and suitable for home freezing!
4. Unfortunately due to the current stock levels in our stores we will be taking a short break this weekend, so both stores will be closed on the 6th & 7th of February. Everberg will reopen Tuesday the 9th at 10am, and S-G-Rode will reopen Monday the 8th at 10am. 
Thank-you for your patience in these unprecedented times, as soon as we have more updates, we will post again 👍
Brexit impact v1.1 21/1/2021
1. GOOD NEWS our incoming delivery will be over 90% of what was originally ordered, including fresh Milk, Cheese, and Frozen Sausages
2. It is going to be a BIG delivery, we estimate 2 full sized articulated lorries
3. HOWEVER, there is a significant delay, and is not likely to be dispatched from the UK until next week (week commencing 25th of Jan)
4. We will continue to bring the very best of British products, but we ask for your patience whilst we transition to the new normal, and the new normal looks bright!
As soon as we have more updates with the incoming delivery, we will post another update 👍

Brexit impact v1.0 8/1/2021

1. GOOD NEWS deliveries from the UK will restart again from week commencing 18/1/2021, keep an eye out for future posts for further updates and delivery days.
2. These deliveries will include chilled, frozen and grocery items.
3. To start with, our range of products will be slightly reduced, but week by week our product range will continue to increase back to normal.
4. Whilst we become accustomed to the new customs regulations (pun intended), certain additional services that we offer will be temporarily stopped, these services include :
a. UK postal service
b. Magazine reserves
c. Argos orders
d. Girl Guiding orders
e. Bed orders
5. We will continue to bring the very best of British products, but we ask for your patience whilst we transition to the new normal, and the new normal looks bright!
We did anticipate these delays at the start of the year, so at the end of 2020 we received a huge delivery of ambient grocery products to allow for this, it was so big in fact we are still restocking the shelves with the end of 2020 delivery.