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Brexit impact v1.0 8/1/2021

1. GOOD NEWS deliveries from the UK will restart again from week commencing 18/1/2021, keep an eye out for future posts for further updates and delivery days.
2. These deliveries will include chilled, frozen and grocery items.
3. To start with, our range of products will be slightly reduced, but week by week our product range will continue to increase back to normal.
4. Whilst we become accustomed to the new customs regulations (pun intended), certain additional services that we offer will be temporarily stopped, these services include :
a. UK postal service
b. Magazine reserves
c. Argos orders
d. Girl Guiding orders
e. Bed orders
5. We will continue to bring the very best of British products, but we ask for your patience whilst we transition to the new normal, and the new normal looks bright!
We did anticipate these delays at the start of the year, so at the end of 2020 we received a huge delivery of ambient grocery products to allow for this, it was so big in fact we are still restocking the shelves with the end of 2020 delivery.