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FREE shipping on all Argos orders

Argos Logo

1st of November 2017

At Stonemanor we have an exclusive deal with one of the UK’s largest retailers, ARGOS!

Here is how it works…

YOU tell us what you want from Argos, in-store or over the phone: 02 759 49 79

WE convert the order from £’s to € (using the current exchange rate)

YOU pay Stonemanor for the Argos goods

WE place the order with Argos

WE receive the goods from Argos

WE ship the goods to Belgium

WE hold the goods in-store, ready for you to collect

Click the link below to browse the Argos website, this is the best way to check out the amazing current offers, just don’t forget to place your orders at Stonemanor!

Argos hyperlink image